Sustainable Building Consultation and Energy Evaluations

Energy Saving Solutions at an Affordable Price

Net-zero home Energy Star certified with IA

Are you  looking to save money on your power bills? Save up to 40% on your electricity with any of our affordable energy evaluation and consultation services. Whether you rent or own, whether your concerns are with your residence, or your business, we have affordable energy solutions for you!

Green Building is no longer the alternative – it’s  the standard and comprises 1/3 of all construction in the U.S. currently.

Sustainably-built homes are healthy, durable, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. People who live in green homes enjoy cleaner air, lower cost of ownership, better performance and peace of mind knowing that they are protecting the natural environment while improving their built environment.

For architects, developers and home builders, Woodbury Green Building Consultation, (WGBC) provides sustainable building consultation, verification inspection and performance testing. Our work is certified by several organizations to meet the highest national Green Building industry standards.

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Green Tips

Light Bulbs Energy efficient lighting can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electrical bills, and in doing so reduce your carbon footprint, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and protect our environment.