Diesel Technology

March 26th, 2012 , Uncategorized , alex

Why has diesel technology not caught-on with more success in America? Real men buy diesel! Right? Currently the very cheapest price for gas on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii is (drumroll please)…. $4.77/gallon. Not to be sentimental, but I remember when gas was under $2.00 a decade ago- if only we […]

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HELCO Rates Increase

February 28th, 2012 , Uncategorized , alex

HELCO has predicted 2012 profits will be impacted as a result of customers solar panels. HELCO announced on February 8th, that they will be raising their rates to compensate for their estimated lost profits. Clearly PR isn’t their strong point, and they aren’t phased by the negative public perception. This announcement villainizes those who try […]

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R.I.P. Incandescent Light Bulb (1835- 2012/14) According to local Internet lore, James Bowman Lindsay created the first “constant electric light” in Scotland in 1835, a full 44 years before Thomas Edison received his electric light patent. For a century and a half, the incandescent light bulb has not changed very much, while other technologies have […]

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Has anyone read the news lately?  This is really trite.  Apparently the media needs an unfathomable  environmental catastrophe to look at fuel efficiency, and somehow a panel of experts (distinguished experts) has been assembled to tell us all how expensive it’s going to be to improve our fuel efficiency particularly with diesel.  Apparently diesel is […]

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Aloha and welcome, Let me first disclose that I am a PV net metering consultant, and I make my living in part by turning folks onto grid tied PV. Today’s post: A sobering reminder that energy independence isn’t free and that we as citizens need to fight for our rights to secure clean renewable and […]

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Green Tips

Light Bulbs Energy efficient lighting can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electrical bills, and in doing so reduce your carbon footprint, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and protect our environment.