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The eMonitor uniquely monitors at the circuit level, integrating energy efficiency with renewable energy, and delivering the level of granularity and actionable intelligence required for effective energy management, cost savings and home safety for any homeowner.

For the first time, any homeowner now has a cost-effective, fun and easy way to monitor their energy usage at the circuit level, enabling them to lower energy costs, keep their family safe and help our planet’s future.

The eMonitor brings, for the first time, an affordable solution for homeowners to monitor the energy use on every circuit of the home, giving them visibility to where energy is being used – and wasted – and the ability to take action.

The eMonitor’s unique combination of circuit- and appliance-level monitoring, continuous analytics and diagnostics, tailored recommendations, wide spectrum of safety, cost, and usage alerts, and easy-to-use web interface, puts the homeowner in total control of their electricity use.









The eMonitor connects to the circuit breaker panel with sensors that clamp around each circuit. In this way, all electricity uses in a business can be monitored.  The eMonitor transmits its data wirelessly from within the circuit breaker panel to the Gateway, which then sends the data over the facility’s internet connection to the Powerhouse Dynamics servers.

Supports monitoring of:

  • Single phase 120V/240V
  • Three phase 120V/208V and 277V/480V
  • Multiple circuit panels

An integrated programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) also connects to the eMonitor via WiFi and provides the ability to control temperature settings from the Dashboard to help reduce energy costs.


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